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My Favorite Nursing Bras

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Why I love these bras: They are structured and pretty and make you feel a bit more "put together" for when you need to leave the house. I like the fact that if you are a leaker, such as myself, when you place your boob pads in these bras you cannot see them like you do in a bralette.

Why I love these bras: I actually bought this while still pregnant and its a wonderful transition bra. From maternity, to nursing, to mom life, this bra will suit all of your needs.

Why I love these bras: Ok this is the holy grail of nursing bras. No buckles to fuss with, soft, stretchy, comfy enough to sleep in, doesn't looks like a nursing bra, comes in a pack of TWO for $20! And the best part is, my husband said they were "sexy"!

I would say they run a tad bit small, I bought a size medium.


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